We provide a solution for the distribution and conservation of rainwater through the use of gutters that are specifically designed for this purpose. Some salient features of our products are:

  1. Corrugated square design and aesthetic look
  2. Fittings and gutters of various sizes (160mm, 140 mm, 220 mm and 320mm)
  3. 10 years of warranty
  4. Greater capacity for storage
  5. Clipping system for easy installation and to prevent leaking
  6. Wedges for all products to provide stronger support
  7. The uPVC clamp specifically created to support gutter
  8. A precise fitting that has a groove.
  9. The gutter, fittings and clamps are made from pure uPVC .

Other Accessories Offered By Aqua Star

  1. Pipes and fittings
  2. Rain water Chamber
  3. Underground Water Tank a capacity of 2000 L
  4. Soak Away