Rain Harvesting System

Pioneers of rain water harvesting in india

A land mark product from ponnore enterprises and sany star group , the pvc rain water harvesting system has been at the forefront in stream lining the rain water harvesting technology and taking this noble venture to an all-new platform. With more than twenty years of expertise in the plastic industry PVC rain water harvest system offers a quintessential solution to the conservation and distribution of rain water by means of specially designed gutters.

All that you need to know about PVC rain harvest system

The PVC RH system comprises of a corrugated square structure designed by highly skilled European designers .the structure has 220mm (8 inch) width .it has 2 inches of extra space so that no overflow will be caused even during heavy showers .moreover this helps to retain the shape of the structure intact. Beading provided along the side of the gutter ensure strength and durability nil. As the outlet of the gutter is of 110mm, the possibility of fallen leaves getting lodged is virtually nil. The gutter and fitting are made of the highest quality uPVC material of which a full range is available The clamps used to affix the gutter and accompanying material are made of uPVC and fixed to steel bars which assure longevity. In order to avoid leakage, silicon can be used to connect fittings to gutters.

How does pvc rain harvest system differ from similar products

In direct contrast to the PVC RH structure, most of other products sporting similar design are built shoddily – more or less. They are mostly built from cut pipes. As a result, two sides having similar measurements as a result of which overflow can occur during a mighty shower. Most of them have plain structuring devoid of any beading . The outlet is of very small width which can lead to a blockage in situation where stray leaves fall into the gutter way. High grade plastics are not used for the fittings. They may rust easily as these are made of iron Also, due to lack of availability of suitably sized fittings, random ones are screwed together . when the screw rusts the whole system fall apart. They use products sourced from some other Asian markets which do not have the inherent capacity to resists altering weather conditions as in india. No warranty is provided. The color used trends to fade away easily

Aqua star rain specialties of aqua star corrugated gutter

  • Corrugated square design
  • The fitting material used to join the gutter have special sockets so that they can be fitted easily and moreover less likely to cause leakage.
  • The finishing coat ensure no chance for moss or fungus to set in.
  • As high quality uPVC material used , the system wall not tend to bend or break
  • Due to the UV stabilizer the color will not fade away.
  • Robust PVC clips are provided along with.

Aqua star corrugated gutter is designed and built after carefully analyzing and overcoming any or all of the irregularities found in similar products available in the market.

Rain water harnessing. harvesting it.

Clean and clear water to drink is turning to be a scarcity of late. Through it is too early to pronounce it as a fast depleting natural sources , it would be safe and wise to resort to alternate methods of water conservation even before water shortage begins to turn humanity into an alarming state. Rain water harvesting takes center stage on account of several factors such as the inadequacy of surface water, declining group water levels and also the need to improve ground water quality and increase agriculture production.

At the most basic level, rain water harvesting involves three steps:

  • Collecting rain water from various surface, mostly roofs
  • Storing water / Recharging water
  • Distributing rain water for indoor as well as outdoor use.

As worthy inhabitant of mother earth and as dutiful citizens it is moral responsibility to preserve and conserve our resources, not for us alone but the future generation too. Rain water conservation and harvesting can be considered as part of this noble investment for us and the society as a whole. Inspire .prosper!