Aqua Star Rain Harvest System Round Gutters Metal /Ordinary system

uPVC Corrugated  square shape gutters/Pathy/Eaves

Semi circle shape gutters

Metal plain square shape gutters

Corrugation gives more strength

Weak because of Half – cut pipes

It is made of light gauge sheet that gives lower strength so bend  fast

Large  size of outlets enables easy flow of water

Over flow through 6 inch pipe piece and  waste get blocked in small outlet

Smaller outlet that blocks water/leaves and welded joints

Special beading on both sides and high impact material makes it stronger to last long

Flexible pipe pieces and no beading for strength

Manually folded with less perfection. No specific or defined size, Low gauge can easily be dented by impact.

uPVC clamps are Specially  designed and made of non corrosive  material.

Metal clamps get rusted

Metal clamps and gutter get rust during rain, corrodes fast which leads to attack by weeds, mosses and fungus

Designed and manufactured specially for Rainwater Harvesting

Cut pipes and it is a make shift system  ,it  made for other purposes

Make –shift system ,steel manufactures using this for other purposes also

Fittings are made of uPVC,  the gutter suits the inner grooves of the fitting which is tailor made for our product . Due to this there is no  leakage

Uses Pipe pieces and non-uniform shaped plastic fittings or reprocessed  fittings

Uses folded sheets and this system have no fittings

Easy to handle and install

Difficulty in handling

Difficult in handling

10 year warranty provided

No warranty

No warranty