Aqua Star is a venture by Ponnore Group, originating from Kerala, having more than 30 years of expertise in PVC pipes and fittings in South India.

Our R&D wing focuses on developing domestic and commercial PVC products catering to the nation's needs, which are manufactured across multiple factories pan India.

Our most recent and innovative product range is the PATENTED Aqua Star uPVC Rainwater Harvesting Systems (Rain gutters & Fittings).

All our products are protected as per Design Act.

Years of


Aqua Star was established in Thrissur on August 15, 2015, as a 'Small or Medium-sized Enterprise' (SME). Our journey began with the design and production of INDIA'S FIRST CORRUGATED uPVC RAINGUTTERS and fittings called the Aqua Star Excel having a width of 220 mm or 8 inch.

The company's competitive edge is due to its extensive experience in creating and improving the technologies. It has a laboratory in-house to perform various tests and inspections throughout the phases of production of Quality products. Over the past seven years, we have grown substantially by increasing our product range and production capacity. Our range now includes Aqua Star Delta 160mm, launched in January 2018, Aqua Star Maxximo 320mm, launched in August 2019, and our most recent addition, Aqua Star Sleek 140mm gutters and fittings, launched in January, 2021.

The company is ISO 9001:2015 accredited.

Since 2017, we have focused on pan India sales and support, now with over 200+ dealers outside Kerala alone.

Aqua Star uPVC Rainwater Harvesting system revolutionized Square gutters across India. Corrugated gutters are constructed and designed after meticulously studying and eliminating all the imperfections of the products in the market.

Our uPVC fittings are matched to the profile or channels that makes the product leak-proof. We offer 10 years of warranty on our products.

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